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Is quiz the best method for assessment? if Yes what are other alternatives?

Assessment is an essential aspect of learning. It allows instructors to determine students’ understanding and knowledge of a subject. Quizzes

Different types of Quizzes and skills required to master it

Quizzes have become a popular way to test knowledge and engage with people in a fun and interactive way. There

Why student fear Quizzes and strategy to overcome fear?

Quizzes are an essential component of the educational system. They are designed to test students’ understanding and knowledge of a

Areas that Nursing Quiz evaluates and Strategy to score high in Quizzes?

Nursing is a crucial field that requires a vast knowledge base, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills. Nurses need

Is Quiz the best assessment method to evaluate client’s skill? 

Assessing a client’s skill is a crucial step in determining the appropriate course of action to help them achieve their